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Save water Save time Save effort

Wash cars using less than 1lt
of water per car!

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Q: What Products are in concentrate?
A: Exterior wash

(rinseless) Multipurpose (degreaser)

Q: Is the Enviro Machine easy to use & Econmical
A: Yes! very user friendly and a big money saver!

Q: How do you know when to use water?
A: When there is visible sand and grit on the surface that can scratch the paint.

Q: Can the wash clean the windows?
A: Yes. The exterior wash works great on windows (outside windows only) it must be a seperate micro-fibre cloth for windows.

Q: How do I order the products?
A: You can order on the website or contact us via email: kh2zero@outlook.com

Q: What cloths do you use?
A: Microfiber cloths.

Q: Is the product a spray-on / wipe-off?
A: Yes. You spray it straight onto the paint-work and wipe off with sponges & dry and buff with microfiber cloths.

Q: Does the product have UV protectors?
A: Yes

Q: Does the product have water dispersants that keeps the vehicle cleaner for longer?
A: Yes

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