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waterless machines

  • Body construction, roto moulded polyethylene
  • Chassis, mild steel, epoxy coated
  • Castors, 125mm, fixed x 2, swivel/brake x 2
  • Electrical cable x 8m
  • Pump, 60 psi, demand, diaphragm.
  • Retractable hose, 15m
  • Sprayer assembly, .015 x 110deg. Jet, Silicone tube jacket
  • Pre-mix tank, 18 liter, shut-off drain valve.
  • Main tank 18liter, removable hatch for filter access.
  • Removable rinse bucket.
  • Dimensions; H = 850mm, W = 650mm,
    L = 700mm.
  • Weight, 50 kg

mobile car wash
Mobile car wash

Rinseless products
Mains & battery

waterless machines
Polyethylene rotationally moulded tanks

waterless products
Long lasting durable materials

car care
15m retractable wheel reel hose sytem

waterless machines gauteng
Fine head spray nozzle

waterless products gauteng
18 litre tank and 60 PSI pump system

waterless products johannesburg

For both machines: If, during operation you experience a drop in spray pressure or a change in the usual pump sound, immediately report this to your supplier, they will be able to assist to find the cause.

During operation, the pump switches on when the trigger is depressed and switches off a few seconds after the trigger is released. If the pump does not switch off after releasing the trigger, switch the main switch off and report this to your supplier.

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Enviro Wash Machine

Your needs for a mobile car wash, they will come with mains & battery or to clients specifications, this system is made of polyethylene rotationally moulded tanks that are durable/tough materials, industrial and long lasting which includes all material selection, this is intended to be used in a harsh/industrial environment. Therefore the machine needs to be tough and long lasting, they will also come out with a 15 meter retractable wheel reel hose system with a fine head spray nozzle, they will all come with a 18 liter tank, and 60 PSI pump system that will automatically dilute your product for you, from a 25litre concentrate exterior wash diluted into a 18 liter tank will wash +- 1000 cars using less than 1lt of water per car. Enviro machine purchase price on request & various options.

waterless car care south africa car care equipment waterless car care equipment

This system can be used as static in a gantry wash bay or mobile in a car dealership showroom, there will be no need to move cars out to the wash bays! All our products are Eco-friendly. All our raw materials are imported from the U.S and made up in S.A. Our exterior wash has been approved and tested no scratches whats so ever! The product has uv protectors & water dispersants its truly a superb product no hard rubbing or buffing just a spray on wipe off leaving your vehicle with a showroom shine!

230v Enviro machine

Roto moulded polyethylene body parts Tough and long lasting
Epoxy coated steel chassis Designed for hard industrial environment
36 liter chemical capacity Cleans +- 80 cars plus per fill
Separate pre-mix and main tanks Allows for continuous cleaning without interruption and accurate chemical dilution
15 meter retractable hose Convenient for cleaning several cars without moving the machine.
Multiple storage bins Stores all the required cleaning cloths/sponges and specific spray bottles
Bin for used sponges and cloths Easily accessed storage for all the used cloths and sponges, uses bin liner for convenient removal at the end of a day’s cleaning.
Removable rinse 18lt bucket Rinse bucket is lifted off the unit to enable easy emptying and re-filling.
Swivel castors with brake Easy to maneuver and anchor in position to enable the hose to be extended

12v Enviro machine

The first step before using your new 12v Enviro machine is to make sure that the battery is fully charged. If the installer has checked the charge then you may begin to use the machine, if not then you must charge the battery by simply plugging it in to mains and leaving it overnight to charge.

It is recommended that the machine be charged every night if you are using the machine regularly. This will ensure that there is sufficient charge to last for a full day's work and that the battery is kept in peak condition.

The on board charger is automatic, it senses the state and condition of the battery and charges accordingly and it will keep the battery in a fully charged state by 'topping up' when needed.

The battery is protected by an internal low voltage switch. This switch will switch the battery circuit off when the pre-set low voltage point is reached. If you need to continue to clean cars at that time then you can run the machine off mains, simply plug in to mains and the machine will operate. It will then operate using direct mains power and it will also be charging the battery at the same time, if, during this period the battery becomes sufficiently charged, the switch will automatically revert to battery power.

The battery is located in the front, left, lower container. There is an access panel that can be removed.

If your machine is going to be left to stand for a length of time without being used, then we recommend that you disconnect the negative wire from the battery, for this you will need a pair of 8mm spanners. The internal circuits will thus be switched off.

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