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We also offer deals to Dealerships and Car Wash Companies!

  • Our Enviro machine system will make the job faster, this is more economical is perfect for the HIGH VOLUME of cars eg, Dealerships, Car Rentals, Car washes.

  • Truckes, Buses, boats ect...

  • Vehicles can be washed ANYWHERE!

  • The Enviro Machine will come with Battery & Mains or clients specifications!

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About Us

This system can be used as static in a gantry wash bay or mobile in a car dealership showroom. There will be no need to move cars out to the wash bays! All our products are eco friendly, all our raw materials are imported from the U.S and made up in SA, our exterior wash has been approved and tested, no scratches whatsoever! The product has UV protectors & water dispersants - it's truly a superb product. No hard rubbing or buffing, just a spray on wipe off, leaving your vehicle with a showroom shine!

Value Proposition:

  • H2Zero offers our valued clients the full scope of services traditionally associated with Standard Car Wash WITHOUT the use of volumes of water.
  • Our products can be used for OUTSIDE cleaning, INSIDE cleaning as well as tyres, mags and the windows.
  • H2Zero products ,are now made in South Africa, and have been extensively used throughout the continent on cars, vans, buses, etc...
  • H2Zero stands firmly on a vision to become the leading contributor towards an ECO-FRIENDLY environment in South Africa, and by doing so contributing to SAVING our water and our planet.

We trust that we will achieve this by:

  • Educating the public sector on the benefits of rinseless car wash
  • Ensuring our products maintain high quality standards
  • Uplift the skills industry by creating opportunities for our disadvantaged community
  • Ensuring our vehicles are finished to a showroom shine and long lasting by offering thorough training to staff

The value of using our products to your company will be:

  • You will contribute to the planet by ONLY using Eco-friendly products
  • No need for COSTLY recycling systems
  • No water usage, which will also contribute to a huge savings on your water and electricity bill
  • The New Water Act will change the future of vehicle washes-you will be a step-ahead of this
  • Your vehicle stays cleaner for longer due to sealants within the product
  • Your vehicle’s bodywork is protected by using these products, and the prevention of oxidisation of the paintwork
  • Economical – the products last longer and are easy to apply
  • Prevents Tyre Damage caused by jet-washed hoses which has been proven to cause sidewall damage and degradation that could lead to tyre blow-outs.

All standards are kept in accordance with the MASTER CHEMICAL BLENDERS ASSOCIATION.

Our history:

It was back in late 2013 when Kerry & I were having a discussion at her Carwash about eco-friendly washing processes when she turned to me, and asked this simple question - "Why can't we just build a waterless machine?"

That was the conversation which sparked the dormant 'LEGO' side of my brain and I set out to create something that would be both functional & practical. Using spares from an old vacuum cleaner, a left over drum lid, a borrowed pump and some other bits - I assembled our 1st prototype. Not very pretty, but doing the job, it gave us a good idea of the direction to go in which led to creation of Version 2.

Version 2 was an adapted vacuum cleaner shell which was stripped, cut & patched in order to house the pump, liquid delivery system & all electrics. It was here that we started fine-tuning output spray & overall functionality.
This project had now gone as far as it could with our limited machine making experience, and so, we enlisted the highly experienced Lance Dixon of Lance Design in Cape Town. He was then able to conceptualise a prototype based on our first 2 attempts along with all the data and requirements we submitted. The result was the Version 3 Prototype - This unit was then sent out to be field tested, and being put to daily use, we were able to determine exactly what needed to be incorporated for the final product - a task which would follow the course of the next 16 months.

With Kerry's relentless drive for an eco-friendly wash process plus her experience along with my technical knowledge & field work, H2Zero has over 21 years combined working experience in this Industry. Our goal is to reduce water wastage whilst delivering superior quality in our end results. We are the way of the future....


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